About Us
Cambria County Health and Welfare Council
The objectives of this Council are to promote the general health and welfare of the residents of Cambria County and to assist interested persons and organizations to meet their responsibilities effectively by:
1. Mobilizing all appropriate resources of the County, and when possible, state and federal government.
2. Promoting communication and cooperation among providers and potential providers of services.
3. Discourage unnecessary duplication of effort, programs, and services affecting health and welfare.
4. Surveying, studying, planning, and working for sound health and welfare programs.
5. Jointly identifying prevailing health and welfare problems.
6. Finding ways of effectively solving problems and coordinating health and welfare efforts
7. Offering to all individuals and groups interest in improving county health and welfare, a forum for discussion and the resolution of conflicting interests.
8. Developing an informed public opinion as to health and welfare needs, services, and deficiencies in the County, and
9. Promoting widespread interest, participation, and leadership in planning for and stimulating the establishment of necessary services 
Facts about the Health and Welfare Council
This organization is open to public and private agencies, groups, organizations, and individuals interested in implementing the objectives of the Council.
Membership will be granted to agencies upon receipt of annual dues.
Each membership is entitled to one vote in the organization.
Information regarding membership can be obtained by contacting secretary@cambriahealthandwelfare.org.
The Cambria County Health and Welfare Council is a network of human service agencies and professionals in Cambria County Pennsylvania committed to improving the quality of life for at risk and vulnerable populations.